The humble sparrow.

In 1958 Chinese leaders introduced the "eliminate sparrows campaign" (as part of the Four Pests campaign), because sparrows were thought to consume too much grain and fruit. The campaign severely depleted the sparrow population, pushing it to near extinction.

However, the Chinese soon found out that sparrows eat a lot of locusts, being practically the locusts' only predator. With all the sparrows gone, the locust population exploded. Massive locust swarms moved across China and devoured any grain that they came upon. The result was the Great Chinese Famine, one of the greatest man-made disasters in human history, which killed millions of Chinese people.

The Chinese government eventually resorted to importing 250,000 sparrows from the Soviet Union to replenish their population.

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Octopus: I'm coming home now…

Jungle cat on a tree at Sundarban, West Bengal, India.

Nice bird song with piano accompaniment.

Isn't this baby barn owl simply adorable? 😃

Before learning to fly, baby owls have to develop their muscles first, and this particular baby owl had apparently decided to do so by going for a run. 🙂

When a buff-tip moth rests amongst broken twigs on the woodland floor, or amongst branches on a tree, it almost disappears from sight!

A sea turtle swims near a discarded plastic water bottle.

Srinivasan Gopal 😃

Two newly discovered land snails beat the 2015 world record for the smallest land snails in existence!

The new diminutive world record-holder was found on the wall of a cave in northern Vietnam, according to a study published in January in Contributions to Zoology. This species’ shell measures 0.6 millimeters in diameter.

The second smallest recently discovered species of land snail, was found in a limestone gorge in northern Loas.

A penguin races ahead of the pack --- but then the ice breaks. Will the penguin make it back to safety, and rejoin his fellow penguins?