In this case, more of a seascape than a landscape. 😉 🙂

As a layer of pure water covers Salar de Uyuni, something unbelievable happens to the world's largest salt flat — it turns into world's largest mirror reflecting the beautiful Bolivian skies.

Many would agree this is the most stunning phenomenon in the world —​ it looks like you are actually in the sky, walking on the clouds, and seeing the same scenery overhead.

This natural wonder occurs during the rainy season from November to April, with the best time being at the end of this period. This is a truly unmissable experience indeed.

River Sounds for Sleeping 30 Minutes - Calming Rocky Mountain River

Light music suitable for listening in the morning, giving you a day full of vitality.

Ship wreckage near Tromso, Norway

Meltwater creates waterfalls on ice cap, Norway

aurora borealis over Lofoten, Norway