Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, has some of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

Halo around the sun in the Ore Mountains, Saxony, Germany.

When the conditions are just right, tiny ice crystals in the air will refract sunlight into an amazing, mystical-looking halo around the bright sun. It happens in locales where the bitter cold persists despite the shining sun, like here in the Ore Mountains of Germany.

The Puente Nuevo is a bridge spanning the 120-metre-deep (390 ft) chasm above the Guadalevín River which divides the city of Ronda in southern Spain. Construction of this new bridge started in 1759 and ended in 1793, thereby taking 34 years to build.

There is a chamber above the central arch that was used for a variety of purposes, including as a prison. The chamber is entered through a square building that was once the guard-house. It now contains an exhibition describing the bridge's history and construction.

Construction of the previous bridge started in 1735; this was the first attempt to span the gorge at this height. The architects Jose Garcia and Juan Camacho completed the bridge with a single arch design. This bridge was quickly and poorly built, and the entire bridge collapsed in 1741, killing 50 people.

The Faroe Islands, located about 200 miles north-northwest of Scotland, are officially part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Due to their northerly latitude, enough natural light remains during the summer nights such that artificial light isn't required. The terrain is rugged, and the subpolar oceanic climate tends to be windy, wet, cloudy, and cool.

Lanyon Quoit, a megalithic dolmen located northwest of Penzance, in Cornwall. Its capstone is 5.5 metres long, and weighs more than 12 tonnes.

In the 18th century the quoit had four supporting stones and the structure was tall enough for a person on horseback to ride under. On 19 October 1815 however, Lanyon Quoit fell down in a storm. Nine years later enough money was raised by local inhabitants to re-erect the structure, under the guidance of Captain Giddy of the Royal Navy. One of the original stones was considered too badly damaged to put back in place, thus there are only three uprights today and the structure does not stand so high as it once did.

View from the Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg castle over the Alsatian plain up to the Black Forest, in France.

These 19th century piers and wharves of Maine's Central Waterfront, with their lobster traps and fishing vessels, are the heart of Maine's Portland harbour, supporting traditional fishing and tourism, and are intimately linked with Portland's historic Downtown, Old Port and Arts shopping districts.

Some of the impressive natural arch formations that can be found in the various arid desert landscapes within the state of Utah.

Full moon rising over Dunnottar Castle, near Stonehaven on the northeast coast of Scotland,

Trevi, in Umbria, Italy, with almond flowers in the foreground.