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!! Lucky September post will win 60 Euros !!

1. This competition will run from 1st September 2021, to 30th September 2021 (both days inclusive).
2. You have to be a member of, and particularly of the Zafoid group "The BEAUTY of ALL ANIMALS and LIVING THINGS", in order to participate.
3. To participate, simply create a post IN the aforementioned Zafoid group, that respects said group’s subject matter. The more posts you create in the aforementioned Zafoid group, the greater are your winning chances.
4. The best post will win 60 Euros. Each post will be judged mostly on the number of reactions that it gets from this group’s members, and secondarily, from the number of positive comments that it attracts.
5. The winner will be announced in October 2021.The winner will have two weeks time to provide the organisers with his bank account’s IBAN, after which 60 Euros will be deposited in the winner’s bank account.

Zafoid ... and the winning entry is:

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