Nice chillout compilation by talented composer from Canada, SYNTHWORX SWX.

CGI video by Dmitry Shakhov.

What's that that he is saying at 26:29, and repeated later on over and over?

I make it to be: "Spiċċa l-Milied" --- in Maltese. Is that what you are hearing also?

😀 🎅 🌲

Stive Morgan ~ Sunbather ~ Flaer Smin ~ The Best

Julius Horsthuis Graphics

The figure holding the light at 1:24:01 is just sublime. ♡♡ ( ° ͜ʖ °)

This viral video had circulated widely on social media with the caption:

"The Olympics cannot be opened because of the new crown epidemic, but these fireworks cannot be stored until 2021, so the Olympic fireworks were set off under the beautiful Mount Fuji in advance".

Whilst it's true that the video does indeed show Mount Fuji, and it's also true that there was indeed a fireworks display on July 24 to mark the day that the Olympics were supposed to kickstart, the real fireworks display that actually took place does not match the viral video!

Turns out that this video had originally been uploaded to YouTube way back on December 1 , 2015, with the title: ''FWsim Mount Fuji Synchronized Fireworks Show2'', and was originally created in commemoration of Mount Fuji's World Cultural Heritage registration, using the fireworks simulator software, FWsim.