"La Petite Fille de la mer" is the second track from the Vangelis' album "L'Apocalypse des animaux", which is a soundtrack album composed to accompany a documentary series about the animal kingdom directed by Frédéric Rossif, first broadcast on French TV in 1970.

As such then, this is one of Vangelis' earliest works, recorded whilst still a member of progressive rock band Aphrodite's Child.

Jean-Michel Jarre recorded the album 'Oxygène' in a makeshift studio that he set up in his apartment in Paris, using a variety of analog synthesizers, a digital synthesizer, and other electronic instruments and effects. Following the international success of the single "Oxygène (Part IV)", the album became Jarre's breakthrough.

Oxygène has been described as the album that "led the synthesizer revolution of the Seventies", and as "an infectious combination of bouncy, bubbling analog sequences and memorable hook lines".

OTTA-orchestra is an interesting all-female musical ensemble that uses both classical instruments (violins and keyboards, drums and percussion, guitar and accordion) as well as oriental ones (such as the Belarusian dulcimer, the Indian sitar, and the Chinese Hulusi). The music that they play was written specifically for them by composer Lee Ott.

If you liked the music, you may also wish to listen to this upbeat musical arrangement by this same fabulous ensemble: https://zafoid.com/post/view/1827

Robert Miles' "Children" was certified gold and platinum in several countries and reached number one in more than 12 countries; it was Europe's most successful single of 1996. It's one of the pioneering tracks of Dream house, a genre of electronic dance music characterized by dream-like piano melodies, and a steady four-on-the-floor bass drum.

Dream house was intended to calm rave party people prior to their driving home, as a means to reduce car accident deaths.

Brilliant and very melodic instrumental performance by OTTA-Orchestra & Samara State Philharmonic Academic Symphony Orchestra.

Relaxing piano music accompanied by the gentle sounds of the Italian Riviera.

What is the name of this song used as background music please?

Vanessa-Mae is a Singaporean violinist with album sales reaching several million. In 2017, ClassicFM compiled a list of the 300 best selling classical albums in the 25 years it has been running. Vanessa-Mae entered three times. The Classical Album 1 reached 244, Storm reached 135 and her debut mainstream album The Violin Player is the 76th best selling. The site claims that her total album sales make "her the biggest-selling solo violinist in the chart".

The Alan Parsons Project - Mammagamma (Extended)

Chase (Casablanca Records 1978). The music was arranged by Giorgio Moroder with Harold Faltermeyer.